10 Nov 2010

Half Guard Instructional by Oli Geddes

This is an instructional video by my good friend and instructor Oli Geddes on behalf of his sponsor Black Eagle. Regular readers may recall that I dubbed Oli both 'The Half Guard Wizard' and 'The UK's Most Prolific Competitor' when I interviewed him for the Fightworks Podcast last year. Yeah, I like my headlines, it's all I'm good at.

To be honest, I really wish he wouldn't do these videos, it means all those sessions where he teaches us, in class, these same techniques is being shared by all and sundry and really, I need all the help I can get haha! Joking aside, Oli is a legend and it was good to see him in action at the English Open this weekend, cleaning up his division and taking gold in the brown absolute too. A monster, and a Gent!

Expect more Oli media coming soon. In the meantime, did I post this picture before? Not sure, anyway, here's my photo of Oli posing in his Scramble (for he is also a Scramble sponsored athlete) hoodie. I love it because I had literally five minutes to shoot it and it just all came together nicely. I love the fact that the mat and wall splits the image into three thirds, plus the climbing lugs in the background look like stars or explosive shrapnel caught mid-flight. Anyway, I've got the same hoodie but don't look half as cool as Oli.


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