25 Apr 2011

3 (or rather 2,500) is a Magic Number

My good buddy Liam from the Part Time Grappler blog is a clever statistician type person who can take data and make sense out of them. I asked him a simple question: how many BJJ practitioners are there in the UK right now?
He used some available data on the EFN forum, used a model based on a ratio of white belts to blue belts and to purple belts in each academy, plus he emailed over a hundred BJJ academies asking for some data.

Here is his conclusion: http://parttimegrappler.blogspot.com/2011/04/how-many-people-train-brazilian-jiu.html

Now this figure might seem low, but it is not far out from what I thought would be the estimated number of bona fide regular BJJ practitioners in the UK - which is around 3,000.

I base my figure on my google blogger stats - who logs on and from where, plus ad hoc info I pick up during conversions with BJJ folk from all over the UK during my normal day to day activities. Whatever the actual figure, BJJ is growing fast and BJJ people like to spend money on expensive gis and fightwear...so advertisers take note, BJJ is a magic number.


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Liam H Wandi said...

I think the number will increase dramatically over the coming few years. I think we're reaching a Bak-Tang-Wiesenfeld sand pile situation (I learnt this from Numb3rs!) meaning any moment now, the world is gonna go CRAZEE with zhou zhitsuo :)


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