6 Apr 2011

Professor De la Riva in the house!!

People, there are moments in our jiu jitsu journey when you have to stop and say to yourself, woah! did that just happen???
Such a moment happened to me tonight when Prof Ricardo De la Riva arrived at our humble little academy in north London and took the class. It was superb. Every tiny detail he showed was immense and of course, rolling with him afterwards was a huge honour. I'm still buzzing from the high!

This whole week is De la Riva week at Mill Hill. I'll be spending all day under his tutelage on Friday and Saturday and I hope to sneak in a little training on Sunday and hopefully Monday too. Naturally I'll be doing some photography as well and my good buddy Can (Slidey) will be interviewing him for a future issue of Jiu Jitsu Style magazine.

I have to give thanks to my instructor Nick Brooks who talks about De la riva with the hugest respect. Nick visits Brazil every year and trains for a month or more at De la Riva's academy. Then he comes back and teaches us all the good stuff he picked up. And boy what good stuff there is!

Expect more about my time with Ricardo De la Riva in future posts. For now, some photos:

Me being smashed by De la Riva

Ditto picture #1 lol!

My instructor Nick Brooks with Ricardo De la Riva

Awesome to watch these two roll


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slideyfoot said...

Looking forward to the interview! Just waiting on Nick to confirm the times for Friday (at the mo, 4pm as far as I'm aware, but that might get moved back closer to lunchtime).

I also hadn't noticed the physical similarity between De La Riva and Nick B before (or at least there's a resemblance in those pics). ;)

Meerkatsu said...

Something for you to research - the correct use of caps and lower caps when writing De la Riva or is it de La Riva or de la Riva etc etc.

Yes Nick's style is very much modeled on DLR, naturally given his exposure when training in Brazil, but there does seem to be a physical resemblence too. I think if you can come to the 12:30 class, that will give you ample time to prepare, catch him when he is free and get some tuition from the legend too!

slideyfoot said...

Sounds cool! Yeah, I'll have to ask him about capitalisation. Even on what I assume is his official website, there appears to be De La Riva, De la Riva and de la Riva.

Anonymous said...

are you going to try and get a private with the prof?

Liam H Wandi said...

call me anything you want, as long as you call me ;)

Fish said...

Sporting the breakpoint gi I see, that was one of your reviews that you kept?

JJ Machado came and did a seminar at our school, I'm bummed I missed him. . .

slideyfoot said...

He confirmed the correct capitalisation is de la Riva. ;)

enter the hero said...

cool pics man, i wish i would have came in for that week


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