20 Apr 2011

Gear Review: Nogi Long Sleeve Velox Rashguard

Ultra comfortable, effective sweat wicking rash guard to use as undergi apparel or for nogi training.

Continuing my theme this week of reviewing an entire set of Nogi Industries fightwear, this rash guard is nice compliment to the HD shorts I reviewed previously. I like long sleeve rash guards much better than short sleeves, even in summer. I'm not sure why the preference but it may be the internal thought that more of my skin is covered by a potential barrier against skin-contact infections. Or it may be just because I think they look better on me.

Style and Design
The Velox is dye sublimated printed - which means the dye molecules are locked in to the fabric and will not fade, peel or crack compared to screen printed rash guards. It also means designers can print the rash guard in any colour combination. Here, the Velox opts for the simpler combination of Nogi logo and contrasting linear elements, very similar in style to the HD shorts.

Construction and reinforcements
The panels that make up the rash guard components are stitched together with big fat contrast red stitching. It is an impressive level of reinforcement perhaps not seen on a lot of rash guards. Similar stitching is also incorporated along the sleeve cuffs and base fold.

The collar is a simple round neck that is reasonably wide. some rash guards I have experienced in the past are a bit tight around the neck and can feel restrictive. Not the Nogi Velox however.

The armpit panels are perforated - presumably to aid the wicking away of sweat and allow some ventilation.

Comfort and fit
I must confess I don't have a lot to say about rash guards. I use them all the time under the gi and for this purpose, I'm as happy to wear these branded high tech rashies as I am the cheap sports store-bought version. For actual no gi training however, it is nice to wear something that is as ultra comfortable as this model. It reminded me a lot of the comfort of the Masaru rashguard (reviewed here.)

A nicely style,  comfortable and well constructed rash guard that complements other items from the Nogi range, especially the HD shorts.


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