6 Jul 2011

BJJ Black Belt: Marco Canha

It was my birthday the other day so I took a day off work and spent the whole day doing random stuff I enjoy, like BJJ and erm, more BJJ.

Marco Canha is a black belt under the legendary Ricardo Vieira. I was recommended by a friend to train with Marco so I popped down to the new London Fight Factory academy in Old Street, London.

I had a great private training session and picked up a bunch of really cool, high percentage techniques that really will help my game. I don't take many privates but I always benefit from the experience - it's like half a dozen normal classes compressed into one hour of personal supervision.

I want to thank Marco for being an awesome tutor and also to Luis and all the crew down at London Fight Factory who always make me feel so very welcome.

Here's a video of Marco in action when he competed against Andy Roberts at the Bournemouth Open earlier last month. I recommend watching it as it's pretty thrilling stuff as both combatants attack, counter, sweep, defend, etc etc!

For the rest of my birthday, I hung out with my buddies at Mill Hill BJJ and took some studio lit BJJ photographs for a couple of magazines. All in all, a great day off.


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David Onuma - Combined Fighting Systems said...

Marco is a really great guy. He is so humble and friendly but possesses high level Black belt skill. His half guard game is something to aim for. I have trained with him privately too and cant wait to do so again.

Luiz and the other guys at LFF are always welcoming and try to avoid politics

A.D. McClish said...

Sounds like a good way to celebrate your birthday!! :)

Portuga said...

Osss! Nice to see Canha in here. Super guy, person and instructor. I am very proud to learn from him.


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