23 Dec 2011

Meerkatsu Art: Tengu Wallpaper

Tengu is a Japanese mythological creature usually attributed with shape shifting abilities and general trickery/ I thought it would be a lovely creature to draw with all the feathers flying around and supernatural whizz effects I could add to it.

The  artwork began life as a random pen sketch in my notebook. I just wanted to test out my new pigment fineliners to see how thin I could draw the barbs in the feathers:

I asked Matt over at Scramble, who designs all sorts of cool Japanese themed apparel, for some words in kanji, and voila, lots of inking up with pens, a bit of Photoshop trickery and there you have it, Tengu!

From next year, I've decided to separate my art based posts onto a new blog - Meerkatsu Art - and my more BJJ focused posts on this one. I'll still drop in copious design-based entries on the main Meerkatsu blog and there may even be a lot of repetition. As long as it is strongly connected to BJJ, eg a logo, or t-shirt with that theme, it will go on here, and all art posts go on the Meerkatsu art blog. Confused? so am I. We'll see how it pans out.


About the Author


Author & Artist

Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.


willyboy said...

nice desing,no problem I will see the 2 blogs jejejeje nice work bro!!

justin said...

nice man! love the blog you inspire me to draw.

Braga76 said...

If I remember correctly - tengu pretended cunning ninja?)


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