22 Dec 2011

Gi Roundup: Sub £60 gis, sub $100 gis

I've always believed that the budget BJJ gi is vitally important. At this end of the market, you attract newcomers just starting out in the sport, or grab established players who are less affluent than those who are addicted to buying expensive imported gis. Budget uniforms are also a handy extra when a student requires a second gi to compliment their main uniform. I've looked around and here is a list of current gi models that sell for less than £60 in the UK, and less than $100 in the US. I've included links to other people's reviews where possible. The list is not exhaustive and I have only personally reviewed a couple of them. Prices correct at time of writing (26th Dec 2011):

Sub £60 Gis available in the UK:
Tatami Fightwear Nova Basic - rrp £49.99 - website
Black Eagle Basico - sale price £49.99 - website, review
TUFF Fightwear lightweight - rrp £42.99 - website, review
Strike Fightwear Tatico Gi - sale price £29.99 - website, review
Blitz Lutador Kimono - rrp £59.99 - website
Grab & Pull ripstop - sale price £58.91 - website, review

Sub $100 Gis available in the USA:
Subculture (various models at $99) - website, review
Gorilla Fightgear - Hitman Feather Light - rrp $88 - website, review
Padilla & sons Ultra Light white - rrp $100 - website, review
Redstar Clean - rrp $100 - website
Fuji BJJ Uniform in white - sale price $69 - website,
Fenom Lotus Gi - rrp $75 - website, review
Razorback Jiu Jitsu goldweave - sale price $65 - website
Live Love Fight Gi Black Diamond - rrp $89 - website, review
Mojo Superlite - rrp $99 - website
Submission FC - White goldweave - rrp $85, website

Some bargains to be had in there I reckon!


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Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.


Tatami Fightwear said...

And dont forget guys the Tatami Fightwear Nova Basic comes with a FREE white belt!!!! ooosssss with love Tatami Fightwear

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the list! I think Killer Bee Kimonos should definitely be up there with the sub $100 US models. One of the nicest made kimonos I have ever worn, don't even get me started on the price!

Meerkatsu said...

Killer Bee didn't make my list because at $75 for just the jacket, if you add $37 for the pants, then a complete Killer Bee gi would set you back $112. Sorry, but my cut off point was $100.

Anonymous said...

Right you are, that's fair enough. Thanks again for the lists. Hadn't heard of a couple of those brands before.

FNM said...

Very happy to make the list! Thanks for the mention.

Submission Fight Co. said...

Don't forget guys, we have Submission Pearl Weave Gi, Gold Weave Gi and Submission Light Gi in White all under $100!

Anonymous said...

I had a fenom gi. It fit perfect when i got it, but then it ended up shrinking to a point where it was like i was wearing flood shorts and I had to give it away. I had only washed it in cold water and i was on the lower end of their height chart for that size. I would never buy another one or recommend one to a friend.

BJJ Heroes said...

Nice post, thanks!

Brendan @ BJJ Gi Reviews said...

This is such a great list. We should try to make this a sticky on some of the forums. Thanks for putting in the work Seymour!

Unknown said...

I got my son Zach two sets of the Mojo Gi's (black with red and white with blue) - he's an A3 - and he LOVES these gis. And for less than $200 USD for 2 gis, this was a steal. I am going to order a few for myself also...

Anonymous said...

which of these gi's would you recomend for a beginner?

Anonymous said...

Any thoughts on updating this list in the future?


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