21 Jan 2014

Meerkatsu art: Jiu Jitsu Journal

Jiu Jitsu Journal is a logbook/planner to help busy peeps organise their lives so they can plan their time more effectively in reaching for jiu jitsu goals. I was hired by the founders Erin Herle and Gianni Grippo to produce the front cover illustration.

The brief was pretty open so we agreed on the idea of a multi-tasking octopus, which seemed to suit the audience that the product had in mind.

The Journal itself is a printed A5 sized notebook. It comes with a nice little cover bag, pen and book mark. In today's age of smartphone apps and tablets, it's actually quite refreshing that people dig the old fashioned method of a pen and a bit of paper to jot down notes.

Each double page spread is organised by weeks. Boxes separate out sections where targets and priorities can be made, achievements reached, goals met.

The journal layout was devised after extensive research by Erin and Gianni. They looked at the needs of normal everyday BJJ students and also sought the advice of world renowned experts and Champions. Erin is a writer and photographer for Gracie Magazine as well as an active competitor. Gianni is a very well decorated competitor who recently was promoted to black belt by Marcelo Garcia, so both have great credentials for devising this product.

More information on the Jiu Jitsu Journal website and Facebook page.


About the Author


Author & Artist

Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.


Anonymous said...

OMG I want a tattoo of this! is it legal :D

Anonymous said...

Is it available in the UK?


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