4 Jan 2014

Real Lives: Jodie 'Bear' Eardley

18 year old UK based tattoo apprentice Jodie wanted to turn her sedentary life around. In February 2013 she walked in to Warrior Martial Arts in Congleton and began her BJJ journey, instantly falling in love with it.

A sensible diet along with a tough training regime ensured that she lost an incredible 52 kilos (115lbs) in just 11 months!

Jodie told me one of her aims was to slim down enough so she could fit into the Heavenly Wristlock rashguard and she finally hit that goal in December (see photo). In the process she has won gold at British NoGi Open, raised a ton of money at charity running events (having never run before) and forged new friendships along the way.

Awesome work Jodie!! Read more of her story here: http://www.jodiebearsjourney.blogspot.co.uk/p/long-story-short.html


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Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.


Drew Beattie said...


JiuJiu said...

That's really exciting! Thank you so much for sharing. I added her to my Feedly blogroll (dang that site is convenient!!)

It's amazing how much difference lifestyle changes can make, and BJJ is so all encompassing - it's hard to NOT have jiu jitsu be your life! ^_^

Stephen Kim said...

She looks a lot lighter than 220 lbs in the after picture. She must have made some significant muscle in that past year.


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