1 Jan 2014

New Year Contest - Four Chances to Win

To kick off 2014 I thought it would be neat to give something back to my loyal followers. Below are details of how to win up to FOUR prizes. Yes you can enter all four prize draws - quadrupling your chances of winning some goodies (one entry per person per category please.)

Here are the details (read carefully, invalid entries will not be counted in the prize draw)...

PRIZE 1 - Strike Fightwear GRPPLR gi size A1
Question: How many gis do I currently have in my rotation in my gi cupboard?

UPDATE: This contest is now over. The answer to this question was - 10 gis in my gi rotation, see this photo here.

More about the prize: Strike Fightwear are a fast growing UK brand that have been pumping out a whole range of exciting gi and nogi products. Check out my review of the HG13 gi here.

PRIZE 2 - Meerkatsu T-shirt pack - any two designs of your choice from my store
Question: What is the name of the pirate in my Gawakoto collab t-shirt design?

UPDATE: this contest is now over. The answer to this question is: Cap'n Mcdojo. See here for the full story on this character - http://meerkat69.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/meerkatsu-art-arrte-suave-pirate.html

About the prize - my t-shirts are printed on regular fit premium weight cotton t-shirts. See my website for the full range.

PRIZE 3 - Meerkatsu Rashguard pack
Question: How did I come up with the name Meerkatsu?

UPDATE: this contest is now over. Answer was: I created a portmanteau from the word meerkat (because I saw a TV program on them) and my favourite dish katsu curry.

About the prize - my rashguards are dyesub printed. There are three designs (Heavenly Wristlock, Gentle Ape and Hell Sloth, plus I can add a Tatami Fightwear Panda rashguard into the selection). See my website for the full range.

PRIZE 4 - Meerkatsu Geek Pack - Signed folio book, mug, stickers, patch
Question (this is tough cos it is for the geeks out there!): Name ten animals I have drawn for fightwear designs.
(I will allow mythological/fictitious animals)

UPDATE: This contest is now over. Correct answers could have included the following:
hone badger, tiger, lion, panda, sloth, orangutan, chimpanzee, macaque, mandrill, dragon, koi, dragon, tengu, gorilla, cockerels, dog, octopus etc etc

About the prize: the book is a collection of my best artworks printed onto a softback 10"x8" matt paper quality book. It is signed and currently not something you can buy anywhere. The mug is a one-off mug featuring my Monkey and Unicorn design. Again, it is something you cannot buy anywhere. The stickers include my playing baby orangutan and pug dog designs. The patch is the mini meerkat patch.


Prizes for some categories are subject to availability - ie I might not have your exact size for your exact model product, in which case I will offer an alternative. No cash prize alternatives.

Items will be shipped by me by tracked postal delivery, you are responsible for paying any duties or taxes if I have to ship international.

All prizes are brand new - no refunds or exchanges.

Deadline for all four categories is Friday January 3rd at 10pm UK time. Entries arriving after this deadline will not be accepted.

Winner for each category will be picked at random from correct entries on Friday at 10pm and have 48 hours to respond to their email. All winners names will be published here on this blog article by Sunday night.

You can enter all four categories - or just enter the category for the prize you want the most, but anyone entering multiple times within the same category will be disqualified.



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Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.



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