A couple of months back I was honoured to be able to photograph and report first hand at the inaugural Submission 1000 nogi grappling event. To recap - it was the rather novel attempt to introduce jiu jitsu grappling to an MMA audience by pitting eight elite fighters against one another in the hunt for the cash prize of £1,000. My event report is here: http://meerkat69.blogspot.com/2011/03/event-report-submission-1000-stevenage.html

My mask wearing buddy Daniel Strauss won the event in sensational style.

Well, it's back! And this time, the prize is a whopping £2,000!!!!!

Daniel will defend his title against seven new and one of two familiar faces. It's going to be another gripping show and you can bet his scribe and snapper will be covering the build up in full detail!
Here's a poster I made up to illustrate the event, it's my first ever event poster design so it's a little rough around the edges.