23 May 2011

SUBMISSION 1000 II: Kenny Baker

Submission 1000 is the mini-no-gi grappling event that takes part within the MMA tournament known as the Lockdown Fighting Championships. The forthcoming event, held at the Liquid and Envy Nightclub in Stevenage on the 2nd July promises to be even more thrilling than the first!

Kenny Baker, a BJJ brown belt, made it all the way to the final of the previous Submission 1000 event, losing by referees decision to Daniel Strauss. Kenny has been invited back again to avenge his loss and attempt, for a second time, to win the cash prize of £2,000. I asked Kenny his post Submission 1000 thoughts and how he feels he can improve in his attempt to win for the second event...

Q: Kenny, you reached the final of the last Submission 1000 tournament - do you feel you surprised a lot of people?

A: I received a lot of great feed back from people all over the U.K which was nice and I really appreciated it. Living down in the corner of the country not a lot happens and we're not part of any of the big clubs in U.K that may get as much recognition but we are coming and in a big way. I have two great training partners in Tom Barlow and Luke Costello. We're doing something right and we train very well.

Q: Your semi final fight with Luciano caused a teeny bit of debate - what's your take on the fght?

A: My fight with Luciano was fun, I had a strategy against him as I knew he was nearly 7kg heavier at the weigh in. I wanted him to force the take downs to get tired and pick it up more in the last 4.. I dont really go on forums etc but I was told the things that where said by certain people but for me it doesn't really matter. It was a very close fight for sure and I learnt alot from it!

Q: Only Daniel and yourself have been invited for the return - how will you approach the second Submission 1000 tournament now you have experience of the first one...I mean will you change tactics a little or carry on as before?

A: Well the last Submission 1000 was the first time I competed over a year and before that I never competed that much anyway, so I wasn't really sure how I was going to perform having such little competition experience. But I learnt so much last time, not only with the rules, but how to approach competing. The more I do it the more I hope to bring my gym game to the mat and that's the key. As for this particular tournament without a doubt I have a different tactic this time! But its secret. And it won't involve a mask haha!!

Q: The other 6 fighters are new to the event - who are you looking forward to meeting in the cage?

A: Again I never really mind who I fight, its just another body to figure out and that's the fun part! They are all very high level fighters!

Q: I asked last time, and now that the stakes are higher - I ask again...what will you do with the £2000 prize?

A: This time I would spend the money on two holidays for my little girl because I promised her I would win the last one lol..So apparently I owe her some money?

Q: Thanks Kenny, I look forward to seeing you fight again.

A: Thanks Seymour and see you soon my friend

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