16 May 2011

Submission 1000 Challenge II: Liam Corrigan

When the final line-up for the forthcoming Submission 1000 grappling tournament was announced, a few eyebrows were raised at the inclusion of Liam Corrigan. The only non-BJJ fighter in the mix, I asked Liam about his thoughts on the elite eight man grappling-in-a-cage tournament, and how he felt being regarded as the underdog...

Q: Hi Liam, please fill us in with your rank, years training, place of training?

LC: I've been training about four and a half years at Leicester Shootfighters. I have no rank as LSF do not award belt ranks.

Q: What is your fight record? (MMA, nogi, gi etc)

LC: My MMA record inclusive of semi pro and amateur is 7-0. My no-gi record is 51 - 11.

Q: What is your fight weight?

LC: I usually fight at lightweight or -73kg for no-gi so I'll have to eat a few more burgers for this comp!!

Q: Who in the 8 man contest are you most looking forward to fight?

LC: I'm lookin forward to fighting any of the other guys. There's such a high level that its gonna be a great experience for me whoever I come up against.

Q: What will you do with the £2,000 prize money if you win?

LC: Ill buy a jacuzzi if I win!

Q: How do you describe your fighting/grappling style?

LC: I don't really have a style of grappling I stick to. I'm constantly improving and want to keep evolving. I'm gonna be in great shape for this comp so I'll be looking to pressure my opponents as much as possible and take some scalps!

Q: Some might consider you the underdog, how do you feel about the line-up and your task?

LC: The line up is immense Ive never entered a tournament of this level before. I'm no doubt the underdog through my lack of experience and people will write me off but that's good for me because there's no pressure. Hopefully I can surprise a few people and gain some valuable experiences and shock victories.

Q: Thanks Liam, I look forward to seeing you fight.

LC: Cheers mate.

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