23 May 2011

Submission 1000 II: Henrique 'Lagartixa' Santana

Submission 1000 is the mini-no-gi grappling event that takes part within the MMA tournament known as the Lockdown Fighting Championships. The forthcoming event, held at the Liquid and Envy Nightclub in Stevenage on the 2nd July promises to be even more thrilling than the first!

Henrique Santana is a Brazilian BJJ black belt who has been living and teaching in the UK for several years. Actually I first met Henrique back in the day when I first began BJJ, he was a purple belt then and me, a lowly white belt. It's nice to watch how Henrique's career has progressed as he is a fearless fighter and happy to take on any style be it MMA, no-gi or gi. I asked Henrique for his thoughts on the Submission 1000 event in July...

Q: Hi Henrique, please tell the readers more about yourself?

A: I am a BJJ black belt, I am teaching classes in London.

Q: What is your fight record and tournament highlights? (MMA, nogi, gi etc)

A: MMA(7-5), Nogi (Grappling showdown champion 82kg), Gi (2007,2009 European champion).

Q: What is your fight weight?

A: Welterweight

Q: Who in the 8 man contest are you most looking forward to fight?

A: I am looking forward to fight the best, no name in particular

Q: What are you expecting and what are your tactics for this forthcoming event?

A: I am a fighter who believes that luck is a mixture of preparation and opportunity. Therefore I make my luck.

Q: Thanks Henrique, look forward to seeing you fight.

A: Thanks.


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