20 Feb 2011

Submission 1000: Fighter No.1 Andy Roberts

As part of my build-up to the ultra cool event known as the Lockdown Fighting Championships (www.lockdownfc.com), where a mini submission wrestling tournament is held within a cage, I'm going to reveal the eight chosen fighters who will face off against each other to win the £1,000 grappling prize. To kick the series off, I present to you, BJJ black belt (under Roger Gracie), Andy Roberts!

Q: Age, weight, belt rank?

A: 30, 74kg, black belt, BJJ

Q: What is your fight record (gi, nogi, MMA etc)?
A: 81-19-01, bjj+ sub, mma 1-1

Q: What is your finest grappling achievement?
A: British Open champ, silver in teams at Euros,

Q: What can people who may never have seen submission wrestling or BJJ expect at the tournament?
A: Me pulling peoples legs and heads off

Q: The 8 man division contains some top level fighters, who are you most looking forward to fighting against?
A: Marcos Nardini

Q: do you think you can adapt to the rule changes for the night?
A: what rules? the less the better

Q: What will you do with the prize money?
A: go on holiday

Q: Good luck and look forward to seeing you fight at the Submission 1000 tournament at the Lockdown FC.

We look forward to seeing Andy and all the other competitors fight at the event. Some standing tickets are still available people! So go buy, before it sells out!!!


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