28 Feb 2011

Submission 1000: Fighter No.6 John Maguire

Continuing our introduction to the fighters taking part in the Submission 1000 tournament, I bring you the raw fighting talent of John Maguire:

Q: Hi John, let's start with a few stats: age, weight, belt rank (if appropriate), MA styles etc?

JM: 27, 83kg, don't have a belt rank in bjj but in mma I am UCMMA and OMMAC welterweight Champion.

Q: What is your fight record (gi, nogi, MMA etc)?

JM: Don't do gi, nogi 7-1, and my mma record is 14-2-0

Q: What is your finest grappling achievement?

JM: I won a tournament called GTTG (go to the ground) that was good.

Q: What can people who may never have seen submission wrestling or BJJ expect at the tournament?

JM: Me slamming someone hard lol!

Q: The 8 man division contains some top level fighters, who are you most looking forward to fighting against?

JM: Dont care I'll fight anyone of them.

Q: Do you think you can adapt to the rule changes for the night?

JM: Yeah for sure I think the rules changes are good.

Q: What will you do with the prize money?

JM: Not really sure think I'll have a party lol.

Q: Good luck and look forward to seeing you fight at the Submission 1000 tournament at the Lockdown FC.

JM: Thanks very much and I look forward to the tournament.


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