23 Feb 2011

Which Scramble T-shirt should I design? Vote now!

Hey guys. Head on over to the Facebook page of trendy fight appreal company Scramble and vote for your favourite T-shirt design. The winner with the most 'likes' will be made by Scramble into a real T-shirt*

When you go to the Scramble Facebook page, scroll down a bit to find the entries that begin with "TSHIRT IDEA No#"

You can like any of the five choices. They are as follows:

TSHIRT IDEA No1 - Honey badger (idea by Tom McGiveron). Meerkatsu says: "If I was ever reincarnated as an animal, the ratel would be it - most fearless and fearsome creature on four legs = total orsumness"

TSHIRT IDEA No2 - Fire Chicken, aka Basan (idea by Shane Chittenden). Meerkatsu says: "I was born in the year of the rooster! I can cockledoodledoo AND breathe fire!"

TSHIRT IDEA No3 - Foo dog/s (idea by Pablo Stanford). Meerkatsu says: "When my parents owned a restaurant, Foo dogs were our logo, I have fond memories of these guardians of Buddha and would rock an wicked design"

TSHIRT IDEA No4 - Evil Koi carp (suggested by Mateusz Kaczynski)
Meerkatsu says: "Lots of folk suggested Koi, but Mateusz went to greater depth by suggesting it have evil fangs and spikey fins. Me like!"

TSHIRT IDEA No5 - Japanese monkey (first suggested by Andy Roberts). Meerkatsu says: "Who can resist the cheeky and lovable Japanese macaque? I would draw it with a monkey steals peach theme."

To help you choose, I've sketched very quickly an initial T-shirt concept** for each of the five animals. Just 'like' the one you, um, like!

Thanks very much!

*pending if I can get my lazy ass to draw it properly...might take time, but that is the plan.

**Final T-shirt design subject to lots of changes, drawings does not represent eventual design.


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Author & Artist

Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.


Anonymous said...

Honey badger all the way. Hilarious and the honey badger can die, then come back to life.

Anonymous said...

Badger looks great

Anonymous said...

Badger looks great


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