14 Feb 2011


Yes, that's right win a cool, brand spanking new T-shirt designed by those badasses at Scramble. It's the latest in their line-up of sublime and cool fightwear offerings. I know...you want one right? You really want one? Here's how to win this T, which will be shipped to you anywhere in the world...

As you know I like to doodle, y'know, draw stuff either as pen and ink or digital art, it's what I do for a hobby and I enjoy it a lot. So do the guys at Scramble, but we're both scratching our heads as to what design we could both collaborate on. See, the thing is, I'm really good at psyched up crazy animals and Scramble like to design cool, toned down non-cliched fight themed imagery of a Japanese orientation. Our two styles could not be further apart.


Here's what you do.

  1. Go visit and click 'like' on my Meerkatsu Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/Meerkatsu 
  2. Under the Post that says: "CONTEST #1. Tell me what beast to draw for Scramble T shirt and win a T-shirt"
  3. Write down your suggestion - that's right, just write it down - you be the art director.
  4. Wait to see if you win.

What happens next?

The contest will begin 15th February 8am GMT and end Sunday 20th February midnight GMT - so basically just six days to think of something creative for me to draw.

The lads at Scramble and I will pick the best answer from the list and the winner will be announced on the Scramble Facebook page on Wednesday 23rd February 3pm GMT.

The winner wins a fabulous FIGHT NIGHT T-shirt - any colour, any size, delivered to their door, anywhere in the world. Okay we'll chuck in a Scramble gi patch too!

Win Scramble gi patch! (gi not included)

Some tips:

Only suggestions posted on my Facebook Meerkatsu page under that thread will be eligible.

But you can post any number of times (rude stuff or inappropriate posts will be deleted)

I don't care what design you suggest I try to draw, it could be extinct, extant, or completely made-up. It could be cute, it could be beastly, it could even not be an animal at all.

But bear in mind my drawing style (see my Facebook portfolio) and also the style that Scramble like to design with. Hopefully you can suggest some sort of hybrid. The most creative, original, imaginative yet still executable entry is the one that is most likely to win!

Oh and it should be vaguely grappling themed, though not a deal breaker.

And...if I can actually draw the thing, and Scramble agree to make the T-shirt - then we'll give you that T-shirt too. So potentially, THREE prizes just for clicking 'Like' and coming up with an original idea in word form. Yup, no sketches, just your words.

Cool huh? so get thinking....I'm waiting....


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Author & Artist

Meerkatsu is the artist name for BJJ black belt Seymour Yang.


slideyfoot said...

Poo - shame I was in a different country and away from the internet when this popped up. I'll be interested to see the results. :D


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